Getting Started With Top Surgery

Getting Started With Top Surgery

Top surgery — that milestone that most, if not all, transmasculine folks look forward to and try to save money for. Looking through countless top surgery pictures and stories on Facebook or on other social media platforms, we can’t help but get impatient with our own transition and wonder when it’ll be our turn to feel at home in our bodies like those happy folks.

Top surgery, however, like with any surgery, is not something that you can schedule in a few weeks. If you want things to go smoothly the first time, there are some things you should be aware of and keep in mind that will make planning for top surgery more manageable.
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How to Make a Top Surgery GoFundMe Successful

How to Make a Top Surgery GoFundMe Successful

Let’s face it transition isn’t as accessible as it seems. Despite every transgender person having different needs, transition can get very expensive and not all transgender people are fortunate enough to afford the cost. To make matters worse, not every insurance company (or plan, even) covers trans-related care and it can leave a transgender person to fend for themselves and pay out-of-pocket. Depending on where you live, hormones, bloodwork and fees for changing your legal name and documents can easily rack up and put someone in debt.

And even when you get to the point of being on hormones and you finally changed your name and gender marker on your documents, there’s still the question of having surgery (if you feel you need it). According to the FTM Surgery Network, top surgery costs are generally in the range of $3,500 – $9,000 with most recent price quotes being on the higher end. While some can afford these surgery costs on top of hotel, travel and additional fees (if traveling elsewhere) right off the bat, most of us have to pinch pennies and raise money after choosing your surgeon and having the consultation.

With surgery costs easily in the thousands and having bills to pay, what’s a transman to do?

Fortunately, with the Internet, it has become easier than ever to reach out to others for help in raising money for surgery. There are multiple ways to help raise money on the Internet and even in real life. While I’m pre-op at time of writing this, I’ve got a few ideas and methods to help fuel the fundraising that I want to share that can help.
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Signs That You Need Better People In Your Life

Going through transition, whether social, physical or emotional, is exhausting enough. It can be emotionally draining having to jump through hoops for a healthcare system that seems to act as a gatekeeper when trying to get hormones, surgeries, etc. or navigating different institutions (work, school, etc.) in order to be seen as you really are. Depending on where you live, trying to navigate the world as a transgender person can put your safety at risk.

That’s why, for most of us, it is definitely important to have a support system of people to help you get through these potentially hard times that you are or will be having. However, the question remains: who is willing to be supportive?

Here are a list of red flags that may mean that you need to drop some people in your life (from personal experience):

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