How the Internet Helped Me Cope With Dysphoria

How the Internet Helped Me Cope With Dysphoria

There are many ways to help cope with dysphoria; this was how I did. For as long as I could remember, I knew something was off but with no words to describe what I was feeling. Even when my mom slapped the lesbian label on me when I was in high school, something else was eating at me and I didn’t figure out what until I finished college. Good thing I hadn’t found out sooner because I didn’t have to seek the approval of my parents for taking hormones. Armed with my life savings, I used the money to pay for doctor appointments, bloodwork, hormones and medical supplies.
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Different Type of Dysphoria?

Different Type of Dysphoria?

Disclaimer: My experiences and narrative are mine and mine alone. Every transgender person is different and this should not be taken as a universal truth.  I don’t shame anyone for being part of the gender binary or being outside of it. Respect, love and understanding is key.

When reading online about gender dysphoria or hearing about what is dysphoric to other transgender folks like myself, I start to question whether or not I’m really transgender. Not so much because I haven’t had dysphoria (I know I have) but that it didn’t manifest itself in ways that most transgender people commonly described and it’s a shame that there are transgender people out there broadcasting their close-minded beliefs that you need to have a certain type of dysphoria to be transgender or else you aren’t.

My physical form was, ultimately, not the biggest obstacle for my transition as most described.
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I Am More Than My Body

Disclaimer: I have no problem with the men who were featured in the BuzzFeed article in question. Let’s not get it twisted, okay? Also, these opinions are my own, not the transgender community as a whole.

Representation in the media is very important for transgender folks like myself. Media can show the world that we are just like them human beings. Granted, each person is unique in their own way but we are still essentially human beings that deserve the same rights and privileges as any cisgender person. And that is the message transmen, who are out and proud, want to send to the world and do whatever it takes to make it known. We should strive to, however, not just use ANY outlet for exposure and settle for scraps. Continue reading “I Am More Than My Body”

Before Fixing Society, Let’s Fix Ourselves First

“You don’t seem masculine enough.”

“You’ll always be <insert birth name> to me.”

“You could just stay female and be lesbian.”

The world has so many questions for us and many unwarranted comments to say about our transition and can’t help but judge us for experiences they can’t understand. While there has been much progress in many fronts where you see more transgender representation from all walks of life and occupations, gender neutral bathrooms cropping up in schools across the country and the staff at schools/hospitals/workplaces being more trans inclusive in their policies, the world is still not very open to us and we can only hope this will change with time, education and more positive media exposure.

Until we reach that point, transgender lives are still very much at risk of transphobic crime and suicide. Even families who should be warm and loving can provide a toxic environment for the transgender child. Remember Leelah Alcorn?
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